Sommaires JAMS 2016 - 2017

Dans le cadre de notre partenariat avec l'Academy of Marketing Science, l'afm a le plaisir de vous communiquer le sommaire du numéro de Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science de Janvier 2017, Volume 45, Issue 1. Bonne lecture !

Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science

Volume 45, Issue 1, January 2017

ISSN: 0092-0703 (Print) 1552-7824 (Online)
In this issue (9 articles)


Interesting and impactful research: on phenomena, theory, and writing
Gerard J. Tellis (pages 1-6)
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Phenomena, theory, application, data, and methods all have impact
John R. Hauser (pages 7-9)
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Musings on interesting and impactful theory and research
Rajan Varadarajan (pages 10-13)
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Conceptual/Theoretical Paper

Innovating for sustainability: a framework for sustainable innovations and a model of sustainable innovations orientation
Rajan Varadarajan (pages 14-36)
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Original Empirical Research

Do managers know what their customers think and why?
G. Tomas M. HultForrest V. Morgeson III (pages 37-54)
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Original Empirical Research

The effectiveness of celebrity endorsements: a meta-analysis
Johannes KnollJörg Matthes (pages 55-75)
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Original Empirical Research

Firm capabilities and growth: the moderating role of market conditions
Hui FengNeil A. MorganLopo L. Rego (pages 76-92)
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Original Empirical Research

Shedding light on the CMO revolving door: a study of the antecedents of Chief Marketing Officer turnover
Pravin NathVijay Mahajan (pages 93-118)
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Original Empirical Research

Habit slips: when consumers unintentionally resist new products
Jennifer S. LabrecqueWendy Wood (pages 119-133)
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