President's word

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Dear Colleagues, Dear afm Members,

It is with a great enthusiasm that I take over and continue the actions previously carried out by my predecessor, Pierre Volle. These are numerous and some are still on going and will be implemented during this mandate. Whether it is, for instance, the joint actions led with the Academy of Marketing Science or the realization of the new website better adapted to needs and functioning of a community as ours. I wish this mandate will be livened up by a general state of mind made by user-friendliness and closeness. Accordingly, we will do our best to meet all of your respective expectations by orienting our actions through several axes:

  • To favor knowledge creation in marketing. It will particularly focus on setting up as an institution the Hot Topics, broadening out to other and interrelated research fields, stimulating researchers’ interactions through the creation of Thematic Groups of Interest, etc.
  • To reinforce marketing research works diffusion. We will consolidate our marketing journals in national and international ranking lists, and we will facilitate the submission procedures. A new platform for submission will be soon available and operational for Marketing Decisions and we are currently under discussion for the next ranking strategy of our journals.
  • To strengthen services to our community. Our two annual workshop meetings “Les rencontres de l’afm”, which are a real success among the community, will be regionally and internationally replicated. Doctoral students will be particularly encouraged and supported to participate at these events.
  • To support the promotion of our research among different audiences. The aim is to encourage our community members to give a speech to highlight their work and to increase their awareness.

The French Marketing Association (afm) exists for more than 30 years now and leans on the previous structuring work of our elders which had to not only create and diffuse academic corpus of our new discipline in France but also to organize a new academic community. Worth of more than 600 members, the afm has become a large, important and well recognized research community in Socials Sciences.

To guide such a community is then an important responsibility and a real honor. However, I have the chance to be accompanied by a dynamic and important team composed of vice presidents and representatives which are competent, involved, inspiring and dedicated to our community.

Bertrand Urien

President of the French Marketing Association