Definition of marketing

It appears to the members of the executive board that it was of general interest to provide a French speaking definition of marketing, which would stand for as a reference in the domain and help to condemn practices labelling their practices of being marketing, whereas it is actually far from its original foundations.

The concept of Marketing is a specific vision of exchanges. These exchanges must be fair and include value creation for all stakeholders (individuals, organization, and institutions).


The marketing management gathers marketing practices settled by organizations, in coordination, to reach the objectives.

It includes:

  • Market study of the different audience, their needs, theirs habits, their desires and aspirations,
  • The creation of products, services or experientials offers,
  • The diffusion of these offers with a profit or non-profit perspective.

This implies:

  • The establishment of fair relationships with partners, in respect of any legal dispositions or regulations,
  • The consideration of futures consequences of these practices on all stakeholders and the society broadly.

The research in marketing is the application of scientific methods to study:

  • Consumption phenomena and value creation between all stakeholders of an exchange,
  • Marketing strategies and practices,
  • Positive and negative consequences on the society.

(Definition amended by the board of directors in January 2015, presented at the general assembly in May 2015, and officially approved by the board of directors in January 2016.)